Happy Halloween 2014 – Little Red Riding Hood

You can have so much fun on Halloween when you have young kids!  From babies to toddlers then to little kids and bigger kids, can you imagine the amount of creativity involved in preparing the perfect costumes for your kids? I used to get store bought costumes but sometimes the outfits are just not as nice and authentic.  Last year, I decided to start designing and coordinating my three kids’ Halloween outfits.  This year, I decided that the “Little Red Riding Hood” would be the ideal theme.  So here we have the Hunter, the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.

For all the tutorials I found online, you will find all the links at the end of this post.

For the Hunter, I bought the shirt (actually a woman’s blouse) and belts from Goodwill.  The blouse was from their women’s shirt section and it was the perfect size and color for the outfit.  I cut one of the belts I got into sections and it became decorative parts on the boots and quiver.  And the other belt I’ve cut shorter to use as the Hunter’s belt and the extra pieces I’ve made into wrist cuffs.  As for the cape, I used faux suede using a very simple no-sew tutorial I found online.  The boot cover is made using felt and some faux leather pieces as the bottom trim.   The back is laced up with suede thread.  Although I found many online tutorials on how to make arrows, I ended up making something on my own and just added some feathers on the top.  The best way to get the nice feathers is not from a dollar store since they usually come in a bag and they are all pretty small.  I found nice feather bunches at Michaels that people use to decorate hats or flower vases.  Each bunch came with at least a dozen nice big feathers and the price was pretty affordable.  The feathers were also used to decorate the quiver.  The bow was painted brown from a purple toy bow I found at Dollarama.  I’ve spent a bit of time on the quiver since I want it to look real and cool.  I used a wine tube from a gift last Christmas and covered it with faux leather.



The Little Red Riding Hood outfit is probably the only one that used a store bought piece from a set I bought.  I originally bought all three outfits online from a costume shop but the only piece I was happy to keep was her dress.  I made her puffy red tutu skirt and her red cape myself.  I wanted a pointy top cape and I found the perfect tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website.  When you buy fleece from a fabric store, you will need to buy and use at least over a yard for a nice length cape (~$8).  I found these red fleece blanket from Dollarama for $3 and they already have the blanket stitching along the edges!  Her beautiful red sparkling shoes were found from Walmart for $10.

riding hood

The Wolf costume was the most fun outfit I’ve made.  I researched for ideas and inspiration online for quite awhile before I finally settled on the one design I liked.  I wanted fur, lots of fur, but I didn’t want to make a whole fur outfit.  I just thought it would look too goofy.  I decided to make it a part-fur costume~  I found these grey sweat shirt-and-pants sets from Walmart and they were perfect with the fur I found.  Fur fabric is not easy to find here where I live.  I wanted the long and nice looking fur that looks real.  I am really happy with what I came up with!


20141015Halloween - LIttle Red Ridding Hood130

Red Cape ~
Red Tutu Skirt ~
Boot Cover ~
Vest ~
Quiver ~ (I used wine tube instead)
Cape –
Wolf hat –

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Halloween Front Door Decorations

This year, I have created the felt bats for the front door and reused the foam sheet masks I’ve made from last year. Luckily, we have a metal door so all I had to do was to glue some magnets on the back of the bats.  I used the same technique with my Lace Princess Crown tutorial with the bats, using fabric stiffener or just white glue to saturate the bats.  Let them dry overnight and they will turn into the stiff bats you want.  As for the pumpkin masks, they were inspired by Martha Stewart’s paper masks for pumpkin.  They were paper so I can’t use them for outdoor display so I used foam sheet instead.  Be creative and make your perfect masks for your pumpkins!

You can find the bats template from here,


20141005Halloween front door decor004 20141007Halloween front door decor001 20141007Halloween front door decor002



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