Hydrangea Wreath for Late Summer

It’s time for a new post! I just finished this beautiful late summer hydrangea wreath in 5 minutes! I was cutting down these hydrangea from my garden and thought about putting them on my grapevine wreath. After it was done, I was like…”Wow, they look stunning! But will it last?”, since they are fresh cut flowers. I looked up online and found articles about the perfect timing to harvest hydrangea for dry flower is from August to October! I guess it was my lucky day! I hope they dry well on their own and will see how they look in a few days! At the meantime, I really enjoy the look of my new wreath!! You should give it a try!

20140903First day of school001

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Mad Science Party

Who doesn’t like a party loaded with fun science experiments? My son who just turned 8 asked for a Mad Science party so I delivered one! A Mad Science party is so much fun to design and put together. I am not a very science oriented person so it took me some time to gather up all the researches I did online so we could have a true science celebration! We prepared 5 awesome experiments for everyone and they had a blast! Lots of DIYs as usual~ Enjoy!

I have the honor again to work with my favorite designer, Tania from Tania’s Design Studio @ She inspired me with her printable as I incorporate my design and ideas together. She’s always a breeze to work with. Thank you, Tania!
And a special thank you to Tara Bissett, my lovely sister in law, who designed the sketches on the favor bags. : )


20140605untitled shoot001

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